The Centerline Data Distribution System (CDDS) is a tool for sharing GIS based local and state road datasets between public, nonprofit, and governmental organizations. The users of this site are composed of local, regional, state, and federal government agencies, and affiliated nonprofit organizations. This site was created to serve as a repository and secure distribution center for street centerline files and statewide road datasets. The goal of the site is to reduce the time and effort local data providers and staff of local, regional, state, and federal governments spend distributing and collecting road data.

The digital road data contained on this site is only available to authorized users that have signed an agreement that restricts the use of this data for non-commercial uses. To request authorization, please click the "Need an account" link to the right.

Please begin using the application by clicking one of the tabs above. Brief instructions for each activity are located on the right-side of the respective page.

For instructions on how to create a new user account please review page 3 in the NC StreetMap User Guide.

At this time NC StreetMap participation is limited to local, regional, state, and federal government agencies.